Personal Narrative : My Purpose Of Education Essay

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My Purpose of Education
Educators must remember that the children we serve in our schools will be tomorrow’s citizens. We must enable all children to see the extent of their capabilities and their future potential. It becomes the role of educators to teach children not only how to think, but what to do with their thoughts. I believe educators must foster life-long learning and a desire not to be satisfied with the status quo. Productive United States citizens should always be looking for ways to better our world. Educators need to not only share their knowledge with students, but teach them what to do with that knowledge. Today, educators are not only responsible for teaching academics, but they are responsible for building character in their students. Our society is full of working parents. In many instances parents are struggling raising their children and relying on babysitters or televisions. The current state of changing home demographics illustrates my multifaceted role of educator.
My mission of education is learning. The active daily learning occurring in a school environment is why I became an educator. I aspire to create life-long learners in each classroom throughout my school. In order for this to happen, it takes a school community. A school is a building full of people who affect student learning. Teachers cannot create an environment where learning occurs without the support and help of every member of a school. Administrators facilitate the vision and mission…

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