Personal Narrative : My Passion For Medicine Essay

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My passion for medicine has been reinforced by memorable experiences along the way. One of my earliest memories involved a childhood friend who battled a brain tumor for nearly three years before succumbing to her illness. To me, her loss was heightened by a sense of unfairness--she was too young to have been robbed of her life before she truly had a chance to live. These thoughts followed me through adolescence as my mother also began to face a variety of health problems. Seeing how much disease and pain robs an individual of his or her essential nature frightened me and made me feel helpless. From this helplessness, came a strong desire to help others and become involved in medicine. I persevered in the study of sciences, volunteered in clinical settings, and had research and internship experiences that have strengthened my holistic approach and dedication to medicine.
I believe that a doctor serves as a liaison between the patient and a confusing sphere of medical knowledge. Two experiences, in particular, have strengthened my understanding of this role, and especially my understanding of the experiences of individuals from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. The first was when I participated in a Global Medical Brigade to Honduras. Most individuals, in the communities I traveled to, were plagued by parasites because accessing clean water was difficult. Additionally, many in the community had poor dental health. One of my favorite experiences was leading a…

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