Personal Narrative: My Pain And My Best Friend's Life

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I was in a dilemma, torn between my physical pain and my best friend’s life. My best friend, Gina, nearly kicked the bucket because of me. She was in aquatic distress, thrashing and crying for my help. Unfortunately, my failure to save her resulted in having acerbic words thrown at me and stung me at a place that will never heal. It all started when Gina, a novice swimmer, who initially hesitated to swim in the deep part of the pool, eventually gave in to my persuasion.
I patiently led Gina to the middle of the pool as she kicked in the water. Suddenly, my calf started to cramp. The debilitating cramp ultimately led me to let go of Gina’s hand. It all went spiraling downhill then; the situation became traumatizing as Gina grabbed my upper arm
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I’m suffocating.” I mumbled inaudibly, as my head bobbed in and out of the water.
Untangling myself with all my might, I finally managed to prize her grip. Instantaneously, I bit the bullet and swam to the other side of the pool with a numbing pain in my leg. Throwing myself over the ledge of the pool, I found myself choking and half dead. I then turned to Gina and was shocked to see that she was still struggling in the middle of the pool. For a moment, I was paralyzed. She was flailing and crying for my help, in hope that I would save her. However, I could not bring myself to jump in and save her. My heart was pushing me to go but my numbing leg impeded me from taking a single step.
I was tormented. I cried for help but it was futile as the scream from the kids had covered my cry. There was nothing else I could do but to watch her sink as tears brimmed in my eyes. Before I could think of anything, a big splash wiped out Gina from my sight. The lifeguard managed to save Gina and bring her to land. There, she was coughing out the remaining water in her throat
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The guilt ate at me as I was reprehensible for letting go at the first place. However, what hurt most was that she claimed that I was a “faker” when I was not one. As much as I wanted to save her, I just could not as my leg did not allow me to. Her words sank to my very soul as she had misunderstood me and accused me blindly. I was disappointed that my best friend’s faith in me was so vulnerable. Though she did not acknowledge my debilitating cramp and my least effort of crying for help when she was drowning, she should at the least wait for my explanation and not lose faith in me so easily. Heart achingly, I was only an unfaithful friend in her

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