Essay on Personal Narrative : My Lifelong Friend Noah King

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It all started with a drive and a want for adventure. I was 18 years old I just recently graduated from high school. I wanted to go out and do something memorable and ambitious that I would remember for the rest of my life. After brainstorming what to do I finally decided that a backpacking trip would be perfect. I saw this as a time to challenge myself and this would help prepare me for my new life out of high school and the perfect place to challenge myself were the cascades in central Washington. So I called up my lifelong friend Noah King. Noah has the same personality as me if he sees a challenge he’s going to attempt it. So with that I knew I had the perfect partner to go with me on my journey. After talking with Noah we decided upon climbing one of the tallest peaks in the Cascade Range in February. Doing this climb in the snow was a sure way to test ourselves like never before. We were both experienced rock climbers and outdoor adventurers but neither of us had any real experience in the snow. But that didn’t deter us we were both young and full of youthful ambition so we proceeded with our plans. As I loaded on to the greyhound bus a great sense of America nostalgia came upon me. It was a feeling that I was about to make memories that would last the rest of my life. We met up in Leavenworth Washington and prepared for our journey that awaited us. The plan was to snowshoe 12 miles to a high mountain lake camp there and head up to the summit the next day. I…

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