Personal Narrative : My Friend And I Met At My Mutual Friend ( Yoni 's ) House Back

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Neba and I met at our mutual friend (yoni 's) house back in 2002. Neba was vacationing from London. My friend Samri and I went to yoni 's house during lunch time. Since I had to go back to school we didn 't stay that long. After we left, Samri said that Neba was checking me out and I didn 't think it was a big deal and that was it. Later, once we started dating, he found some pictures that we took together him standing next to me from our first acquaintance. I guess it was the gravity of love that pulled us together.
April 1st 2012, on one Lucky Sunday our paths have crossed for the second time again at Yoni 's son christening party. Oh, it was my birthday too. I was there with my brother, sister in-law, and nephew. Neba was there with his family as well. I run into him by the main entrance. I didn 't recognize him at first. He said, "Hi, You remember me? Hesitantly I said, "Oh yeah, Hi, great seeing you"
The Party had begun, people were eating and drinking; I was busy running around with my nephew, trying to force him to eat, then I sat down to eat. Neba came and sat next to me too. He asked, "How old is your son?" I replied, "He just turned 6, btw, he is my nephew but I love him as my own". "Can you feed me like your nephew?" He said with humor. I laughed and gave him a Gursha. After exchanging a few words, he whispered "I want to have a baby with you?" I said, "What"? He repeated himself with confidence, "I want to have a baby with you '. Me: "Endee, It is an Amharic…

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