Personal Narrative : My First Car Essay

824 Words Sep 24th, 2015 4 Pages
My first car was something that I greatly was looking forward to getting as a child and my interest in getting one grew, as the days got closer to my sixteenth birthday. The first car I owned was a Automatic Black 2004 Ford f-150 truck, which I discovered on a website called Craigslist. It was priced at five thousand nine hundred dollars with only eighty-four thousand miles on it, which in my case was great considering that I could only afford a seven thousand dollar car. The truck came with all manual locks and windows and also had a small amount of hail damage that could really only be seen at a certain angle. But even with reasonable price on the truck I still attempted to negotiate for an even lower price to further my luck. With my surprise my counter to the price of the truck was accepted and the price had been docked down to fifty thousand four hundred. It was a very great looking truck it had only six-month-old tires, a very well maintain engine, and it had a very shinny coat of paint on it. I had been very fortunate in finding such a great truck for my first car and was very excited to get on the road with my first car. For the first six or so months I had my new baby, I was very rough on the way I would drive. I was always doing burnouts at stoplights whenever I was around my friends, also doing donuts in any kind of parking lot that I saw with the right amount of room to do so. This aggressive use of my truck also included going mudding as much as…

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