Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Game

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I was an eighth grader who thought I everything under control, especially when I was on the court. Basketball was my thing; I had played football and baseball the previous years, but decided to focus on basketball and be the best I could be. I missed playing the other sports, but I got over it once we started our off-season work-outs. I thought I could handle anything thrown at my team, until we made it to the Junior Varsity Championship. My team had a great season before the game, but after the game none of that matter. Moreover, I knew I was going to be on a young team with great talent, I just did not know what to expect. Our team was made up of three core players, which were eighth graders, and five solid, complementary players. We started the season strong with ten consecutive wins followed by a loss to Gate City in a Christmas tournament. After finishing the regular season, we had accumulated twenty wins and one loss which lead my team and myself to overconfidence and self destruction. We knew our mission from the beginning of the season . . . . win the championship, and it was still the same. . . . win. …show more content…
Even though we had beaten East side three times that year, with a larger margin of victory each time, I was still nervous. Our game was held at the University of Virginia Colleague at Wise Gymnasium, following the girls' championship game. Everything was routine by now, shoot-a-round before we got on the bus, watch the girls play, pre-game brief, warm-ups, then win the game. The game was slow and low scoring with a halftime score of eighth to eighth. Entering the locker room at half I felt confused and that I was in a horrible nightmare and needed to wake up. The third quarter ended, then the fourth and I looked to the gigantic scoreboard and it read, "Raiders: twenty-eighth; Spartans: thirty-two", then it was over. We had lost; I had

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