Personal Narrative : My Father And Mother

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Chapter One

The year was 1970. My father and mother, Liam and Elizabeth Taylor, had just purchased their first home, a duplex in town. It was red brick and had large steps going up to a porch shaded by large oak trees. My parents painted it green inside and fixed it up immediately. My grandpa Levi, Elizabeth’s father, hated the paint so much that he bought them all new paint in the green color he thought was more appropriate and even though my parents disagreed, it was changed after pressure from my grandpa. The small duplex had a tiny living room when you first strolled in, and to the right was a very small kitchen. It was so small only a card table could fit in there. Past the living room in the hall were two bedrooms on either side of the hallway, and one little bathroom. Grandpa Levi was the one who put down the large down payment on the home, helping my parents to qualify for the rest.
My parents were thrilled, because now, my mother would be a full-time housewife. She had always dreamed of being a mother and taking care of her own babies instead of working. Just after they moved in my parents were filled with excitement because I was born, their first daughter. They named me Elsie. My father worked for his father, my grandpa Wesley at Taylor and sons. He started the business years before so that his sons could have an income when older. The business specialized in river rafting and boating adventures in lakes and the ocean. Liam was a popular guide

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