Personal Narrative : My Family And My Dad Essay examples

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Meeting Nav My family and I were on our way to the airport to pick up this little boy named Nav. “He’s your brother” my mom and dad would keep telling me. I didn’t believe it. I was 3 years old and it all seemed like some type of joke. I went along and thought having a baby brother, getting to boss him around, and forcing him to listen to me would not be so bad. Having a brother brought a tremendous change in my life. In 1997, my parents had decided that they couldn’t take care of two children at the same time, so they sent Nav to India when I was a month old and he was a year old. As a baby or even growing up into my toddler years I don’t recall Nav’s name even being brought up, neither did anyone mention that I had a brother. The drive to the airport seemed very long. As a three year old all I could think about was who is replacing me and why. We got to the airport. My parents went running towards this man holding a little kid with a turban, and that little turban kid was my brother Nav. Nav wasn’t a baby, but in fact was older than me this made me feel like I was betrayed even though I wasn’t. I started to grow hatred for the kid that I had never even talked to or seen before in my life. Calling Nav my brother was the last thing I wanted to do. That night Nav sat in the passenger seat as we were going back home. I was jealous because I was told you have to be 12 to sit there. My hatred for him grew even deeper, basically one can say I was an evil little sister. I…

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