Personal Narrative: My Experience With Ms. Chobot

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For the longest time, I carried the words of Ms. Chobot, my English teacher at Fulton Elementary School, in my head and heart. According to her, I was poor in English, lacked basic courtesies, was a disturbance in class and never participated in anything. She eventually dismissed me as a hopeless case with no chance of doing well in life. She had made a judgment – I would not have a bright future. And all this, when the other teachers in the same school approved of my behavior in their class and found me to be a quick learner. I was confused as to why Ms. Chobot had taken such a great dislike for me, even when I did everything I was supposed to do for her class.

I could do little to better the situation that only worsened during my second
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My teachers consider me as an example for other students and many of my friends consider me a role model. My friends seek my help with their homework and suggestions on community service. My parents are proud and pleased with my hard work and determination.

In hindsight, I feel that with Ms. Chobot, I was dealing with perception vs. reality. A perception that Ms. Chobot has formed about me and was not willing to change. And how did I turn things around in life for myself? I was able to imbibe the value of self-worth, not give up and battle the odds. This, accompanied by a nurturing environment the teachers at Jerling Junior High provided an opportunity to reinvent myself.

At times, I am grateful to Ms. Chobot. If not for those words that she used to describe me, perhaps I would have not challenged and pushed myself to prove her wrong and develop my potential to the fullest.

As a child who has experienced a lot, I would make the same decision of challenging others who do not believe in my potential. I was able to tackle those difficulties and build on my character. Rest as they say, impossible is nothing. Stay positive and sky is the

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