Personal Narrative: My Experience With Divorce

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Everyone will probably hear of the quote, “the best things in life are unexpected,” at least once in their lifetime. When people hear of a couple getting a divorce, that person might expect a difficult upcoming time for the family or upsetting thoughts might run through their head. Even this is true for me, however, my developing character was the unexpected outcome of my parents’ divorce that I will always be thankful for. During my 5th grade year of elementary school, my parents got a divorce. With the divorce came several changes and many problems arose. My younger brother and I began living only with our mother and normally only saw our father on the weekends. Due to finical problems after the divorce, I learned quickly that I was not going to be handed everything in life. I learned that if I wanted something, I would have to go out and get it myself. My parents’ divorce has led me to be a responsible, reliable, and thankful young adult. While having divorced parents has brought many issues to my life, it has also helped shape me into the person I am today. During middle school and until my brother was old enough to care for himself, if my mother was away from home, it would be my responsibility to care for my brother. With my mother working three jobs, it was quite often that I was watching my younger brother. I quickly learned how to clean the house after my brother and myself, cook our food …show more content…
In fact, my parents’ divorce and the years following were one of the hardest obstacles I have had to conquer yet. With all that being said, my parents’ divorce has strengthened me in ways I could have never imagined. I am currently in my fourth 4.0 semester of college and am thought of as a very reliable and hardworking employee at my job. Although I cannot give the situation of my parents’ divorce all the credit of shaping me into the person I am today, I do know that it was an enormous unexpected

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