Essay on Personal Narrative : My Beloved Brontosaurus

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For my writing assignment I chose “My Beloved Brontosaurus”. This was such an interesting read to me because I feel as if he put so much effort and thought into it. For example he starts off the book by saying, “From the time I was a toddler, I desperately wanted to meet the gigantic herbivore.” He has had this interest clearly since he was a child and he goes into such depth about it. Many people feel otherwise as well. “My Beloved Brontosaurus” has many reviews including some from NY Times. For example, they state “Mr. Switek, never forgetting his lost love, uses Brontosaurus as a traveling companion through a book about how much our dinosaurs have changed, noting that “the same process that destroyed the titan has revealed clues about prehistoric lives that we never expected to find.” His obsession started as a child and continues to this day. Not a lot of people find something they love that much but Switek did. This book is very engaging and well written. He’s able to draw his readers in and entertain as well as giving a very great story to go along with it. I have honestly never really been fully interested in Dinosaurs or anything of that nature but reading this book definitely helped change my viewpoint on it. The dinosaurs we once remembered as a kid, have changed. Everyday we get new insights on how they looked, functioned, etc. Switek also helps states this by consistently going over the highpoints of the book. A lot of what stood out to me was that, it was…

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