Essay on Personal Narrative : My Alarm Goes Off

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My alarm goes off. It’s six o 'clock in the morning and a balmy twenty degrees in North Brunswick, New Jersey. I drag myself out of bed, quickly review my homework and wake up my nine-year-old brother. I walk downstairs and start making breakfast for my family. After that I would go to school and come straight home to help out my family by cooking, cleaning the house, helping my brother with school, or making sure my mother took her medicine. I repeated this same routine every single day. Since my mother has been sick I’ve taken a more prominent role in helping to raise my brother. On June 27th, 2011, my mother was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. The outlook was bleak and her prognosis was grim. She was given a 20% chance to survive. The news was devastating but I vowed to her that I would continue to excel in school, be a positive role model for my brother, and remain an exemplary member of the community. Over the past three years with my mother’s influence, I’ve grown tremendously and, I’m excited to further develop as an individual. I believe that with her guidance my maturity, focus and selfless nature will help me as a grow older.
My father became unemployed the summer before my freshman year so we had no source of money coming in. I saw my parents struggling everyday to clothe, feed, and put a roof over me and my brother’s head. I desperately wanted to help them out. Seeing my mom cry herself to sleep killing me inside. We had to move to a different house before I…

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