Personal Narrative-Lost In Texas

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Lost in Texas
Has there ever been a time in your life where you felt that you could not ask for help and you had to face your fears all by yourself? You can prepare all your life trying to stay on the right path and telling yourself, “The only thing to be afraid of is fear itself.”-Franklin D. Roosevelt When that moment comes and you are frightened beyond belief, it tests your physical and mental strength. These moments in your life show your true colors.You have to learn to do things by yourself and rely on yourself to make the right choice. Your life is like a pop quiz. One mistake affects your entire grade. Just before school had started, my family and I took a trip down to Texas. When we got there we rented a car at the only car rental
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My dad suggested, "Let's go to the park and..."
"Let's go shopping for souvenirs," my mom interjected. We couldn't agree on anything. I just wanted to get away from the arguing so I left the
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I thought I was on the right path but quickly sobered when I couldn't find the hotel. I wandered lost and hungry in the scorching hot desert. I forgot that the sun set in the East and I started to walk in circles. I saw a dim light in the distance! As I got closer an odd yet familiar smell started to arise. It was the smell of a small campfire smoldering in the evening. I was later disappointed when I turned out it wasn't the hotel, but felt excited that I found someone else. I met a hiker who was on a camping trip named Paul. He was an older, scruffy looking guy who had a friendly appearance. He and I were both lost so we agreed to assist each other in finding our way. Paul pointed to where he thought he came from so we started in that direction. We wandered with little help. The environment produced no visible landmarks. Paul and I eventually came back to the large rock and this time I was sure it was the right one. We found the hotel and it was almost

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