Personal Narrative-Lle Lill Lilly

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As I walk into the eating establishment there are only two employees, a girl named Lilly, and a guy named Jason, both who are very quiet because I soon as I walked in I hear dead silence is seen except for when they are talking about making order or drinks. But also, when I walked in Lilly was mopping the floor, while Jason stayed behind the counter and took care of orders. But when I walked in, she immediately stopped what part of the area she was mopping and took my order. A guy comes in named Mr.Brown, who isn’t in a uniform and automatically says to Jason, “I’ve been banging on the door dude.” Now, I have seen a change in Jason, that he is trying to act busy and not lazy. The music is off, and I am betting that the guy who walked in is the owner of the establishment. …show more content…
From my seat, I find a counter, where I can see the employee’s personal belongings is at and Jarrod seems very distracted from by his phone or something else, however since the “owner” has been here he has not gone over there since. Once again, I have heard they are out of eggs which is something very common because I heard my visit before. Lilly is new to Barista Bucks because Jason, had to show her something and she intently listened to what he had to say. Throughout my visit, I have noticed little communication and there was an instance where Lilly was making something and she was questioned when she was making something, she was questioned by Jarrod. She gave him a look of, she knows what she is doing and almost like she would rather be working with someone

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