Personal Narrative : I Told My Son Essay

1016 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
“I Told My Son…”
The other day while I was driving, my son saw a homeless man and have asked me that “how can I know which homeless person become homeless because he was a bad person”, he thinks homeless people becomes homeless because they are bad or they did something bad. If he asked me that question before I took this class my answer to him would be completely different than what I just told him. I am ashamed to say that I used to think that people become homeless or fail in life because they have done something wrong, they did not go to school, or they do not want to work, the usual stereotypes. However, this class completely opened my eyes and my perspectives on so many things have changed. I want to thank you for that, not only my perspective has changed in the right direction but I also have the opportunity to teach my kids the right way of thinking.
I used everything I have learned from this class to answer my son’s question and I am really happy about that. First, I told him that there is no such a thing as a bad homeless or good homeless. I told him that if a person is a homeless that does not mean s/he is a bad person or s/he did something bad that caused him/her to be homeless. I told him that no one wants to be a homeless and no one plans to be homeless, you can go to school, work very hard, do everything right but you can end up being a homeless. He asked me “why”. I tried to explain how unjust the world is and not everyone has the equal rights and…

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