Honda Car Research Paper

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Buying a car is a huge step in anyone’s life. A car that I have recently fallen in love with is the 2016 Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has a great and reasonable price, a new Turbocharged Engine, and impressive miles per hour for highway and city driving. Plus, it has amazing features that serve as a bonus such as, heated seats, Apple CarPlay, steering wheel controls, and much more. Buying a car is a huge step in your life, so why not purchase this great vehicle. When you are buying a car you have to take in some very important criteria when doing so, and one of the most important things to consider is the engine. The Honda Civic has a very reasonable cost for a car with all of the features. The starting cost for this is $18,640, while it is a large cost, you need to consider that it is a brand new design for this year, so that cost seems pretty reasonable, especially considering all of the features that this car has to offer. The most I would probably want to spend on a car right now would only be about $5,000, but I could always take out a loan or save up for this car for a future purchase. When you look at the pictures of the inside of this car, it is simply amazing. It has an incredibly sleek design with a leather interior which adds a gorgeous look to the inside. The outside of …show more content…
Once you have saved up enough money to buy this important everyday item you will be glad you chose the 2016 Honda Civic to enjoy. As I said before the price is reasonable, it features that brand new Turbocharged engine that is a new feature in the U.S., The miles per gallon for highway and city is just great, and those added bonuses such as, Apple CarPlay, steering wheel controls, and heated seats. These bonuses all serve a great purpose without even taking your eyes off the road. The 2016 Honda Civic is a purchase I highly recommend. It is also a purchase you will not

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