Personal Narrative: How Jamba Juice Changed My Life

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It was one of those memories sitting in my brain, gathering dust. However, it was also that memory that would come to define an important aspect of me: persistence. When I was in fourth grade, I had volunteered at the 2006 San Francisco Marathon with my mother and brother. All I did was hand cups of water to the people that passed by and stand mesmerized by the sheer number of runners. However, within a few hours, my young self quickly grew bored, and the marathon went from interesting to tedious. Later in the afternoon, I was ready to go home and rest.

And then I saw it. As we were cleaning up, a person strolled by with a cup that had the rainbow tornado of Jamba Juice. At that time, Jamba Juice had opened its first branch in San Francisco, and it quickly boomed, attracting people from all over the city. I myself had been enthralled by the promotional commercials on TV, so I asked my mom if I could get directions from the lady. But by then the lady had already walked too far away. Thus, my goal shifted from getting home to getting a cup of fruity goodness. I dragged both my mother and brother along (I hope they forgive me), walking down Market street and boldly asking people “Do you know where Jamba Juice is?” It continued like this for half an hour. I, dead tired, was ready to quit, when a sharp-looking businessman with a Jamba Juice walked by. I asked where he got his drink. He smiled and gave me the address. My
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I don’t really remember that, as I felt too tired to do anything other than enjoy what I had earned. From that moment on, I had learned a valuable lesson about persistence, one that still affects who I am today and how I make my choices: if I was willing to put in the effort of slogging to get a Strawberry Nirvana, I would be able to savor it in the end. However, some people, my mother and brother included, would just call that plain

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