Essay Personal Narrative : Hot Leather Car Seat

700 Words Jun 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Walking out of Fry’s, I could only imagine how hot my car would be since it was nearly 110° outside. As I walked to the car I remember being inside the store for only twenty minutes, but that was enough time for the inside of the car to begin heating up like an oven. As I opened the door I instantly felt the warmth coming from inside the car and my body started to feel hot while at the same time I began to get goosebumps all over my body. As expected, I entered my car and I remember regretting sitting on that hot leather car seat. During the summer, the parking lots in Phoenix are the hottest and can also be deadly within minutes, especially for children and pets that are left in the car waiting. Surprisingly, plants are also affected by the high temperature of parking lots. “Heated asphalt parking lot can reach to 100 and 117 degrees, which is not healthy for tree roots.” (Beard). With all that heat, the trees root actually split causing them to grow deformed and also stunts their growth. Not only are children, pets and plants affected but also our vehicles are affected by the hot heat. According to Apollo Sun Guard, “Gasoline evaporates from fuel tanks and worn hoses… principle components of smog” which can also lead to the malfunction of your vehicle. Being aware that the trees that provide us with little to no shade can also be harmed by the heat, should influence consumers in a demand for large corporate stores to provide shaded parking lots for their customers. One…

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