Personal Narrative : Him And I Essay

776 Words Apr 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Him and I After I started dating my boyfriend everything changed and I ended up living with him. This has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Once I moved in with him and his family I started to gain a greater understanding of life. I have always thought that change is good, even though this one was sudden and unexpected. My life has changed and so has my state of mind, things are great and I have my boyfriend to thank for that. When I started dating my boyfriend I was not expecting to move in with him, at least for not awhile. After we started dating I told my family and then it caused a huge family feud. I left to my mom 's in Dodge City for awhile but was unable to stay away from Garden City. I had class and also wanted to be with my boyfriend. When I got back I tried to stay at my dads for awhile but things were horrible so my boyfriend invited me to move in with him. At first, things were awkward, I had never been around his family let alone living with them. His whole family welcomed me into their home. From the very beginning, him and his family wanted me to be part of everything. They wanted me to spend time with them and let them know if I needed anything. They were acting like I was their daughter. My parents hadn’t even treated me like this in a long time. When I moved in me and my boyfriend had only been dating a couple of weeks. Right away things changed between us, we grew closer. Neither one of us had nothing to hide. Everything was out in the…

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