Personal Narrative: Growing Up In An Asian Family

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Growing up in an Asian family in the United States is a clash of the Titans for me. I experienced many challenges in culture, education, and environment. These significant disparities have shaped me into who I am: Wild, adventurous, and reckless in spirit. I enjoy the process of accomplishing difficulties because of the unknown outcomes that I receive. My friends and I lived life to its fullest, never settling with the bare minimum. But contrary to my cheerful nature, I was all business when it came down to school. The perks of growing up as an Asian is that parents would continuously emphasize how education is vital in our lives. Sooner or later it becomes programmed inside our respective cerebrums. Even though studying is great, I grew up not enjoying the processes of my education and treat them like my daily routines. Eventually, the ability to expand my perspectives has reached a limit that came crashing down amidst high school, to a point where I realized my …show more content…
I treated school as if it was a burden and I did not engage my analytical facilities in all aspects. My decision to ease through high school eventually caught up with me, and my nonchalance led to my dissatisfaction with school life. Hence, for a change, I decided to persuade myself to try as hard as I can academically by prioritizing my time to maximize the outcome of my educational opportunities. While it was difficult and often, frustrating, my diligence and arduous work proved to be rewarding and more than anything else, cathartic, because I was finally shaping myself. I could not believe my simple decision to become a better student has made me more relentless and eager on what I wanted in life. My decision was what led me to run for the Cabinet of Red Cross in my junior year. Looking back at the time, the choice I made was so unlike me. While by no means a conformist, I was never seeking any

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