Personal Narrative: Going Into The Woods

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Sitting on the couch bored with my 5 friends Saylor, Wade, Ty, Isaac, and Jack. We have all known each other for long time. I met Saylor 1st, then Wade 2nd, then Isaac 3rd, and Jack and Ty were 4th. We all became friends in the 6th grade. We all have the same personality but some of us can be daredevils or funny people. That's when we got the idea to go into the woods. Little did we know that was a bad idea.

When we were going down Jack decided to stay because he got really scared. Jack was always trying to tell that there was something in the woods, but no one seemed to care anymore. When we left to go to the woods it started to get dark.

Saylor and I went left and Wade, Isaac, and Ty went right. When Saylor and I went left we saw a dark red barn that looked cool to check out. Saylor looks at
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“You're going to be scared like Jack and leave,” I say. When Saylor leaves Wade decides to join me in the barn.

When Wade and I walk into the barn it was really dusty and smelled bad, but there was nothing in there. When we walk out we hear a loud scream from Ty. We see Isaac telling us to come over here and help.
Isaac said, “I turned away for one second and he was gone.”
We went looking for Ty and we found him dead on the ground. We were confused who did this.

We saw passageways to get back to our house. I picked to go left and Isaac picked to go right. We didn't know where to go so then they did rock, paper, scissors to figure it out. I won so Wade and I went that way, but it was a dead end. We went back and Isaac was gone as well. We looked all around for him, then we saw Isaac dead on top of Ty. Wade and I got confused even more. When we go back to the house and Jack and Saylor are both not there either. We look all around for them and we can’t find them.

We went back outside to find them.
“What if they are where Ty and Isaac are. Or maybe they are dead as well,” said

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