Personal Narrative : ' Ghosts ' Essay

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In the past, whenever someone asked me if I believed in ghosts, I would eagerly respond with, “Oh yes, absolutely.” I would then proceed to tell them about the place my family lived in for a very short time when I was an infant, which was “most definitely haunted.” I told stories which I distinctly remembered: the cat getting constantly getting caught in the screen-door, sinks and vacuums turning on by themselves, and my infant self giggling and playing with air when there was no visible person around. Of course, the reality is that I didn’t remember any of this. I couldn’t even tell that house from any other one, even though it’s located not forty minutes from the town I grew up in. My parents simply told me these stories and my mind adopted them as my own memories, as human minds do. Said "memories" then impacted my beliefs, and consequently affected my sense of self as well. This is a common occurrence for many people.
Human beings go through life seeking a “true self.” People, as a rule, wish to matter, to be seen as worthwhile, to have value and confidence in themselves, and to be able to share their life and their life’s story with others. Consequences of being unable to do satisfy these wants is evident in Adrienne Rich’s poem Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law. “Banging the coffee-pot into the sink/ she hears the angels chiding, and looks out/ past the raked gardens to the sloppy sky/ Only a week since They said: Have no patience/ The next time it was: Be insatiable/…

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