Personal Narrative: Frozen In Time

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Frozen in Time
The next day was hot, so I dashed outside and ambled off down a shady, well worn path that dipped low and circled around the creek which had been dammed up to form a small swimming hole. I climbed up onto a small overhanging dock stretched out my arms, and dove deep into the cool water. I amused myself for a while and treaded water, swam laps, and bobbed around. Then, in the afternoon I marched off on sopping wet, slippery sandals back to the house and ate two peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches. After I had finished, I proceeded out and into the magnificent baobab tree chasm and emerged into a winter wonderland. I stood there briefly watching as sparkling silver snowflakes fell silently, settling on tree branches, and blanketing the earth.
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The massive crash knocked the red lit stick that I had been holding from my hand and sent it spinning and putting it out. Stunned, I stood there in total darkness. I could hear nothing, see nothing, and I could feel nothing except for the cold stones under my feet. My head was swimming and I started to shiver and yelled in a loud voice, "Help someone! Please help me! Help —" Argos who was outside standing guard heard my cries scratched and tore at the dirt and squeezed his way through the opening. Once he was inside, the giant Cyclops stooped down so that his huge head just barely brushed against the cave ceiling and staggered over to me. And with all of his might he bent the iron bars back wide, providing me with enough room to climb out. Relieved we both rushed out of the cave and over to where teeny tiny Cyrailia was nervously hovering and chewing on her little fingernails. I stood there for a moment, wheezing and trying to calm myself. Then very slowly I stuttered and stammered, "You wouldn 't believe what just happened to us in

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