Personal Narrative: Exploring A Trip At Mt. Tian Kong

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“Thanks for giving us such a memorable trip,” a group of school mates came to me and said. Seeing their happy faces, I knew that I was right. (right about what?)
The adventure began an outdoor education class. The teacher asked us to propose a school trip as the final assignment. We came up with a camping trip idea which attracted interest from many schoolmates. From the point where the staff of Mt.Yunmeng, the only developed camping site in Beijing, told us that we were not allowed to camp there due to fire prevention season, I knew that a challenged just came to us. The leader and many other members in the class decided to give up on our camping plan and find something easier to do. However, I didn’t want to disappoint my schoolmates. So
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Just then, I remembered a hiker I met in a trip so I went to ask him for help. He suggested a new place Mt. TianMen to me. There was little information about this place online and the faculties gave me a very vague answer when I called to ask them how camping worked there. I was anxious. I only got a week left. On the following weekend, I directly went to Mt. TianMen with a few friends to look over the site in person. After arriving, we got in touch with the manager of this scenic spot. The manager showed us a flat piece of grassland that could be used to set tents and a wasted parking lot that could set bonfire. As we were excited about the available space, the manager turned around and told us that although they had accepted campers before, camping was not a formal attraction there. So they couldn’t offer any facilities like tents and sleeping bags rental and water fountains. His words was a big hit on us. How could we find enough tents and sleeping bags for the fifty students who had signed up for the trip in such a short amount of time. “Are you sure this is gonna work?” “How about let’s just spend the week left to plan something easier,” my peers lost their confidence …show more content…
Camping is rare activity in China which made it more difficult for me to find a tent renter. When I finally got in touch with a renter, they told me that they had never done big renting, so there were only seventeen sets of tents and sleeping bags available. We still needed eight more. Why not ask my classmates and the participants for help. I then divided my classmates into groups to ask the trip participants if they had their own tents and sleeping bags. Just as Mattie Stepanek once said, “When there is collaboration, things can be achieved.” Some people agreed to bring tent, and some claimed to bring their own sleeping bags. I called a supermarket to deliver us twenty buckets of drinking water on the trip day and then all the facilities were ready. After handling down all these, I organized a meeting with the participants about things they needed to prepare and take care

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