My Experience With Snape-Personal Narrative

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Chapter Eight

After my weird encounter with Snape, I decided to take it easy for a while. For the rest of the day, random people were walking up to me congratulating me about Snape. Some were even asking me if I could make them a love potion. I denied, of course, but I couldn 't help but admit the encouragements were quite nice. None of my other classes were eventful in the slightest though.

Defence Against the Dark Arts with Professor Quirrel was quite boring, and he was- quite different- I guess one could say. Don 't get me wrong, I 'm cool with being yourself and being an individual and stuff, but he kind of gave me the creeps. Yet again, so did Snape, so it 's probably just a Hogwarts Professor trait or something. I just think
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I knew she 'd be in her normal spot at the Gryffindor, so I began to walk over to her when I saw Draco and his dweebs talking to Harry.

Ugh, I do not want to deal with him today, but I 'll do it to help out Harry.

"Midnight, all right? We 'll meet you in the trophy room; that 's always unlocked," Draco said to Harry. As he was walking away from Harry, he ran into me. "Oh, hey Amalia. Did you miss me?" He winked.

I rolled my eyes at his antics. "No, I was coming to see Harry."

"Potter?" He spat. "Why would you come to see Potter?"

"Because he 's my friend, unlike you. So if you 'll kindly excuse me," I walked around him, but he grabbed my arm.

How cliché.

"Why don 't you realise we 'd be better friends than those awful Gryffindors?"

"Because there 's nothing to realise," I said back to him, and lightly slapped his cheek a few times to let the message sink in.

That, and I kind of wanted to smack him, but this was the only way I wouldn 't get in trouble for it.

I swiftly yanked my arm out of his grasp and made my way back to Harry to overhear the last bit of his conversation with
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I heard all what you 've been saying about Hermione, and I wouldn 't have stopped Amalia if I didn 't want her to get in trouble."

Justin proceeded to drag me into the common room, where we could still hear Susan complaining, but it was faint. I hadn 't noticed Hannah was with us until we were all sat on the couches. We sat there in a somewhat awkward silence until Hannah spoke up.

"I don 't know what 's gotten into her. On the train and stuff she was the sweetest girl ever."

Hannah had a sad look on her face as she looked down. I couldn 't help but feel some guilt as realised she wasn 't the until I came along.

"I 'm sure she 'll come around and start acting like herself again," Justin reassured. It seemed to cheer Hannah up a little bit, but I wasn 't so sure.

They went back to their rooms, asking me to come with them, but I dismissed them and decided to stay in the common room until I had to inspect what was going on with Harry. It would save me the trouble of trying to stay quiet when I leave anyway. As they left, I just had one passing thought that I dismissed as quickly as it came.

I just want to be normal, but I guess that 's too much to ask

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