Personal Narrative Essay

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Personal narrative
Jazzy Ellsworth
For some people trying new things is not what they want to do in their free time they prefer to stay in their comfort zone, But for me it's different. I love to do new things and get others to do it with me. A way to do this is to try to see their feelings through their eyes into their heart and words to know that person as well as you can. To get them to try new things. This happened between my Grandma Penny,Buffy and me. My Grandma Penny died of cancer a few years back but I will never forget the lesson she taught me and and how much she cared for me.
Well it was a hot dry August day in the year 2009. We start in my dad’s truck it is a chevy silverado it looks like a silver gray color and when it's in the sunlight it sparkles like a diamond. “Dad where are we going? “ I ask curiously.
“ Somewhere.” dad answered
“ Somewhere where ?” trying to sound sweet.
“ Somewhere why do you want to know?” dad asked me.
“ Because I want to know where we’re going to be” I was kind of irritated at this moment in time.
“ Well you'll find out when we get there.” I think he was trying to be funny so hahaha.
“Why do I have to wait to find out where we're going” I did with a puppy dog face.
“ Because it a surprise.” Dad acted in an annoying voice.
“ Why does it have to be a surprize you know I hate surprises.” I get out of my mouth in a high pitched voice. 15 minutes later we get there “ We're here. “ dad announces to me. I look

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