Personal Narrative Essay: Why I Want To Becoming A Police Officer

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Do you get upset when people criticize the job you love; the job that you have worked so hard to excel in? When people see the blue lights flashing and sirens blaring, rushing through a red light; they just think, “Oh they just did that to get through the light because they did not want to wait.” What people do not know is that every time those lights come on, it could be the last thing they do. Police officers put their life on the line everyday for people who cannot even say so much as a thank you. They do not do it for the praise or admiration; they do it to keep the people safe. I have been working at Mac’s Fresh Market for almost two years now and I have established a good relationship with one of the store’s security guards. I am constantly overhearing him talk about his latest cases or arrests with the other cashiers. I personally did not have an interest in the gory aspects of the job, but I wanted to get to know what his daily life consisted of. …show more content…
Wolfe decided to become a police officer, because he has always enjoyed helping people and protecting them. A year after graduating college, he was sent away to the police academy to begin training. The academy was military equivalent; they woke up at 4:30 every morning for role call. Then it was off to the training, it is not like the sort of training on movies where you see them bear crawling under barbed wire and it magically starts to rain and they start slipping through the mud. He started with running 5 miles, then onto driving tactics, firearms training, handcuffing tactics, and first aid. He also had to adapt himself to the constant change of the constitutional

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