Personal Narrative Essay: Who's To Blame?

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I don't know why they call him Uncle Jimmy, but that was the name popping on my cell phone last Tuesday. He told me he needed a driver for a post office job he was planning and that it was all ready to go.
Jimmy is in his 50s, but age doesn’t bothered him. He’s a huge, muscular built man. He always carries his Beretta, loaded and with the safety off, inside his jacket or hanging on his waist.
Jimmy loves to scare people, he gets excited when he sees the look on their faces as they stand terrified in front of him. At best he is an angry thug, but look at him in his eyes and he becomes a crazy animal. Whatever Jimmy wants he gets, whenever and wherever. Even if it involves hurting someone and making them suffer.
Robbing banks or post offices
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He hit the ground, in an attempt to take cover from another fire.
I got a signal from Jimmy. He was running towards the car. Someone nearby had alerted a patrol car as I could hear the sound of sirens.
I was now stuck in a difficult position, do I stay and try to escape with Jimmy or should I just leave without him hoping he gets arrested and sent away? If I escape with Jimmy, I would be an accomplice to robbery and now attempted murder. I don’t think anybody saw me and they couldn’t trace the car back to me.
I had made up my mind by the time it took him to get to the car. I slammed the first gear and accelerated hard trying to drive away as fast I could. I left Jimmy on the pavement. Enraged, he shot five shots into the vehicle. It hit the back windows and blew out both rear tires.
There was no way in hell I was about to stop. Keeping my foot on the accelerator, I was headed for anywhere. I just wanted to be away from that scene.
I think I had just signed my death warrant. I know for a fact, I was a wanted man by Jimmy’s crew/gang.
I grabbed my phone and dialed Monica.
“Sweetheart, pack you things and pack them now! If you love me you'll do this. I'll be home in ten

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