Personal Narrative: A Good Idea

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It was a cold winter day, my grandmother and I were going grocery shopping at Walmart. Everytime we went she would remind me, “watch out for the cameras, the can see you.” I always thought that she was crazy because I never saw any cameras, I had no clue what she was talking about, At the age of seven, I was not aware of the now known “black orbs” on the ceiling. So therefore I never paid any attention. We got to Walmart, one of the larger supermarket ones. As soon as we walked in I bolted to the toy aisle, in the distance I could hear my grandmother call out, “Cameras Duane” “Ok Grandma!” I shouted back. I arrived at the toy section, and I can remember the euphoria that came with it. There were hundreds of toys, all of my favorite childhood items, I was in heaven. When I was seven the new toy to have were Bakugan, some stupid little ball that popped open as figures from a television show. I had quite a collection of them, fifteen to be exact, but there was one that I did not have. I needed to have that one! I started to search and search until I came across it, my mind exploded, I couldn 't believe I found it! I frantically jumped around and smiling from ear to ear. It was the last one that I needed. I was very excited in that moment, until, I saw the price. My heart …show more content…
Sadly for my own emotion, the crying, and fear, I did not understand that. I sat what felt like hours, but it was really only about twenty minutes, and finally the officer escorted me back inside to my grandmother. I figured they were trying to show me a lesson, it for sure worked, because I was definitely spooked. This whole plan that they acted out proved to me not to steal, also that those camera’s on the ceiling really do exist, and they do see ‘everything’. So make sure not to steal, that is the best bet, always remember to just ask, it can keep you out of

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