Personal Narrative Essay: Visualizing My Future

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Visualizing My Future
What do you want to be? For me that question is easy. I want to be happy. Right now, as a freshman in college, it is hard to imagine what the future has in store for me. It is hard to think about what I will become and what I will do with my life. In the back of my mind, the thought of failure and the fear of not making my parents proud are so close to mind. They sacrificed so much for my siblings and I. They have given up a lot more for me to provide the opportunities that I now have. It will feel like letdown if I were to find out that I was not good enough or did not work hard enough to make something out of myself. However, the idea of having just the chance is doing quite the opposite. Rather, I am becoming someone
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Originally, I decided to volunteer at the hospital to put it on my college resumes. To my surprise, I actually really liked it. I liked the interaction with the patients and seeing how hard both the physicians and nurses worked together to care for the patients. It showed me a different side of these professions. I always thought that medical facilities were intimidating, but I learned that it is a supportive place for people to get the care they truly need. I observed how nurses and doctors worked together with a common goal of attending to the well-being of the patients. It is something that I want to pursue, and, one day, become a part of. Volunteering in the emergency room of my local hospital made me realize this. Later I decided to volunteer at the Shoreline Care center, where I got to work with patients that had more severe diseases, such as Parkinson disease and Alzheimer's. I wanted to volunteer here because I wanted to make sure that I really wanted to work in the helping profession. This was a completely new experience. It was very different compared to the hospital. Regardless, I realized that I want to go into the medical field, but focusing more in the hospital settings. I liked working with the elderly, but it was not something I saw myself doing in the future just because of the amount of patience and how slow everything was. Alternatively, I like the fast-paced …show more content…
Although, it is a lot tougher than I expected. I truly did not think college would be this tough. I knew that I would have to study and work hard, but what I did not know is that it would consume most, if not all my time. To tell you the truth, the adjustment from high school to college has been rough. However, just like with anything, I can quickly adjust. The reason I feel that I am not having such a smooth first semester is because I am working on the nursing prerequisites. I am putting a lot of stress on myself in order to do my best in them. Not many students get into the program, and I am aware of this. Yet, it would be foolish for me to not to at least try. I am not used to doing mediocre in school, which is why I feel that I am not doing as well this semester. In reality, I can still improve on my grades because finals are not until a month from now. I plan on working harder than ever so that I can get higher grades by the end of this semester. Now that I have learned how to study better, I can be more prepared next semester. Only then, I can truly say that I had a successful first year in

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