Personal Narrative Essay: Two Moms Are Better Than One

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Two Moms Are Better Than One To outsiders looking in, my childhood portrayed itself to be relatively normal. I too viewed my childhood as being the same as most children my age. I did fairly well in school, had many friends, participated in family fun days, engaged in family discussion at the dinner table, among many other normal family traditions. It was not until I was nine years old and at a school function that I discovered that my idea of a “normal” family, and other people’s ideas of a “normal” family differed. My class had a family day where parents were invited to participate in lunch. I sat proudly with my parents in the cafeteria, waiting to be served our meal. The compound smell of thousands of slices of pizza served over the years …show more content…
As the youngest of her siblings, she watched them graduate, get married, and have children. Naturally she followed in their footsteps and got married at the age of eighteen. She had always wanted children, so she quickly got pregnant and had me at the age of nineteen and my sister at twenty-two. She seemed to live the perfect life. She had a husband who loved her, two children, a nice house, and a decent income. But my mother felt as if something was still missing and she was not happy. Eventually my mother and father went their separate ways. Determined to find what was missing in her life, she secured a job that sent her to different states every so often. While out of town, she met a fellow co-worker by the name of Kim. They became the best of friends and my mother quickly realized that she had found the one person who was missing in her life. When my mother introduced Kim to my sister and me, she introduced her to us as her significant other, and she said that they loved each other very much. After some initial misgivings, my sister and I were ecstatic to finally see our mother happy. We eventually embarked on an exciting journey to move to a new state and into Kim’s house. I loved my life. I got to see my mom at her happiest, made new friends, and still saw my father every summer and …show more content…
That was not the case. Although he lived 1,500 miles away, my father has always been a major factor in my life. I would spend all summer with him, which was my favorite because he would let me do activities that my mother typically would not, like playing video games or eating junk food. Along with seeing him all summer, I would also see him every holiday. My mother would invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner every year. And every year we would talk about how thankful we were to have such a close and wonderful

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