Personal Narrative Essay: Today Is Not The Day

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“Today is not the day. I can not do it. I am just not ready.” I thought to myself. Every thump of my heartbeat sounded like the ticking of a clock. I stare gazing at the motion of the water running slowly on the coarse grainy rocks that laid so still beneath the dull water. My hands slipped as I was trying to grab a grip on the edges of the bridge. The tall grass on the side of the river bent sideways and my hair got pushed back by a gush of cold wind. I observed so precisely the colorful leaves dancing around the meadow field and how they swirled around the trees. I took a deep breath and took a glance one more time at the surrounding around me. My body shacked as a lend myself toward the river. However, the fear and culpability inside of …show more content…
I hesitated for a second, thinking weather it was the right choice to walk in. The last thing I did not want was my father to say he will leave the house like he did five years ago. I was surprise he came back without feeling any repentant of how left me alone. Turning the doorknob, everything became quiet. “ It is about time you show up Heather. It is ten pm and you should not be out this late” My mom exclaimed angrily. “Sorry I was just trying to get some fresh air” I muttered. “Look, you cannot even raise your own daughter right Jamie. You are such a stupid woman, I do not even know why I came back to be with a worthless woman. Guess like you Heather will turn out to be just like your mother. Someone that not even worth a penny.” My dad laughed. I could not hear this anymore; this conversation that has been in my house for the last 7 years. I did not want to hear any more insults, yelling or complaining. I wanted my life to be mediocre like every other teenage girl. I can not even remember the last time someone ever said they loved …show more content…
There are three holes on my wall covered with pictures. One was a picture of me and my parents. The other one was a picture of me when I was five, eating watermelon and the last picture was a picture I took with Jonah. Jonah is the boy I liked ever since I was five. We were best friends until he started being noticed by other girls. I was always there for him when he was feeling down. Even when his mother died of cancer. He joined the football team, made new friends and just one day our friendship came to an end. As time went on, he became one of the most attractive people in Woodville High School. He stilled talked to me out of school sometimes. He was the only one I could ever trust. The only one what I told all my secrets to. The only one that knew what was wrong with my life. Even though we were not as close as we use to be, I felt like ur friendship was building up. Until one day everything went wrong. He told everyone my secret, he told everyone my problems and he told everyone how my life was at home. The way he said it though...., laughing with no regret of drawing back. All my life I been bullied. I never understood why. It was either because of the freckles or my face or how I stumbled when I read out loud. Maybe it was just my brown curls how they were messy or maybe it was my thick black glasses. I was being jeered by everyone. Girls at school would lock me in the bathroom calling me names till I eyes would ball out with

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