Personal Narrative-Time In The Eyes Of A Child

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Time in the Eyes of a Child
Several incidents in my life could have turned me into be a very bitter or an abusive woman. I will never forget the life of fear I lived in throughout my childhood. Now, as an adult, I have found peace in forgiveness. I made a promise to myself that my daughter would never suffer what I went through. God listened to my prayers not on my time, but on his time.
My mother was enduring the stages of menopause when I was born; I’m a “change of life baby”. She only had a third grade schooling and was self-taught seamstress. Mother helped raise 13 brothers and sisters since the age of 13. She was the first of her family to cross the Mexican border to become an immigrant to this country. She was a woman, who was
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I never had a birthday that didn’t end up with an argument. For my 16th birthday, I was allowed to have friends over to the house. This was the first time in my life. Mother believed that having friends could get you in trouble and it was best to be on your own. We had cake and ice cream. There were even presents. I was so happy! After everyone left, I thanked mother and my sister and then I went to bed. I told myself “this is the best birthday ever, everything is going to be alright no arguments no fights to day”. My sister went into the kitchen and came out with a butcher’s knife over her shoulder, screaming how much she hated me and she wished I was dead, with so much anger in her face. Mother stopped her by blocking her with her four-foot-high frame and her round belly. I couldn’t sleep for nights. All I could think about was my sister coming towards me with the butcher’s knife, and that face like a demon had taken her …show more content…
As a child you see time differently, it goes very slow and my time was moving extremely slow. When I became an adult and I was baptized as a member of The Church of Latter Day Saints, is then when I got my answers I needed and was waiting for all my life. In the pre mortal life I accepted that I would come down to earth and have these challenges. I’ve realized that, I needed to be tested so I could appreciate the blessings he had in store for me when I got married and had a child of my

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