Personal Narrative Essay: The Year Of 2032

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The year of 2032
It is the year of 2032 and I am now thirty-three years old. I wake up to long, bright, and breezy summer days where the sun shines through my windows. Every day I hear the birds but I never see them. As planned I married the love of my life and had three beautiful children. My oldest son's name is Logan. He is very tall, has long red hair like I had always imagined and has the most delightful blue eyes. He is 8 years old and very smart. He's also into sports such as swimming, baseball, and he is the greatest chess player. My other two children are the most adorable twin girls and they are definitely special. They have long beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. They are both 3 years old and are more alike than you could imagine.
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I’m making my grandpa’s favorite meal: pancakes, hash browns, and toast with strawberry jelly. He would have been so proud of me. I remember the accident like it was yesterday. I was driving to a baseball game in St.Louis and it was such a cheerful day. My grandpa and I have never been to St.Louis. The traffic was ridiculous and my grandpa had fallen asleep. There was this big truck that was orange and green and had tons of logs piled up in it. I'm not sure what exactly happened but the truck crashes and I were unlucky enough that it had all piled up on my car at a high-speed and one of the nails caught my eye and my grandpa had been so weak eventually the logs were too much force on him and he passed away. Just like that, I was in the hospital and sadly with no sight and my grandpa. Well, he was gone. I lost my sight and he lost his life. He was such a heartwarming man. I can still remember his dark brown hair because he had just dyed it. God forbid he had any gray hair. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him. He was so important to me. My whole life I had done everything to keep him happy. I played softball and he taught me all I knew. He was more than a family member, he was a best …show more content…
It’s the biggest party in the town. It's a big accomplishment when you finish all of your important duties that you had in a year so the party is a celebration showing how appreciative I am of my employees. There will be food, such as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc. We have a variety of desserts such as cookies, brownies that are a homemade recipe of my grandpa's, and much more. We also get carnival rides, bouncy houses, magic acts, and a big concert because I just love my co-workers. Sometimes I forget I'm blind but then again it's probably a good thing. This year “magic act” is The Flash. He's not so magic, he's a more fictional superhero in a red suit with a flash on it and can run at very high speed. He is my all time favorite superhero and could you imagine waking up one day and being like him? I wish he was real. Maybe he could help me gain my sight back, or even better I could be the architectural supervision superhero. Wouldnt that be the

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