Personal Narrative: The Wild Ride To Minnesota

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The Wild Ride to Minnesota Have you ever taken a trip that you had completely planned out and it ended up not going that way? Well I had an experience like that just last week. Me, my dad, and my friend Jade drove up by Minneapolis, specifically Maple Plain MN, and it didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to go up there, drop off my dad for a work meeting, and go to the Mall of America. I’m about to tell you what actually happened. So we started off the 4 hour drive by stopping by the gas station in Tea, and grabbing plenty of pop and snacks to keep us busy for the majority of the trip, or so we thought. The drive there obviously wasn’t that exciting, as it was all highway and interstate driving. On the way, though, we did see a car start on fire on the other side of the interstate and that was pretty crazy to see a car basically blow up. Shortly after we stopped by a Taco Johns and super inconveniently it was in a tiny town, it was a tiny Taco John's, and there was only one employee! It took him alone like 20 minutes to get our 4 tacos done …show more content…
So as we finally arrived we found out how big this strip mall actually was, as we thought it was going to be like 3 or 4 stores, but it was probably over 30. I set my eyes on a nike store and instantly was drawn to it. I went inside and to my disappointment they only had like 4 pairs of Air Jordan’s and sadly none of them were that cool. So I decided to instead head over to the Under Armour store because I know that they sell Curry’s, and I found a pair I really liked, but I thought to myself I should wait because there were so many stores and I’d probably find another pair. So we continued going down the line of stores and ended up at a Finish Line. I found a pair of Jordans that I really liked there and told an employee in there I would like that shoe in a size 13, but sadly, they didn’t have any bigger than size

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