Lidtke Mill Tragedy Analysis

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The Tragedy at Lidtke Mill On a stormy evening, two people were walking home past Lidtke Mill and Liz heard a clawing noise, but Tucker said “It’s nothing lets just go home.” Liz didn’t believe him but she didn’t want to be late. Liz and Tucker were twins and sixteen. The next day Tucker and Liz’s school was closed for flooding, but their parents still had to work. Their parents are Lisa and Greg Green Lisa was a banker and Greg was a mechanic. They had an older brother that was eighteen named Shay and an older sister named Ann that was seventeen. Liz told Shay about the clawing noises and Shay told Liz that she was just being paranoid because the Lidtke Mill had been abandoned for years. Liz decided that it was probably the rain she …show more content…
The ghost wasn’t glowing any more she was on FIRE and she was screaming her childrens names. ALICE, JACOB, ANDREW, ANNA, ALICE, JACOB, ANDREW, ANNA ,ALICE, JACOB, ANDREW, ANNA!!! But then suddenly she stopped screaming they were no longer cold all of the white mist was gone, and they were outside of the Lidtke mill. They just stared at each other but then they got up and ran back home without going to school.
Their parents got home early that night and they were furious they started yelling but Shay yelled back. Tucker showed them the video they couldn’t believe what they were seeing they apologized right away. Their dad said “Well I guess it’s time we tell you, I got a job in Chicago where moving next week.” They got so happy they tackled him to the floor then Ann asked “Can we leave sooner than next week?” They all laughed, and they never went to Lidtke Mill again!! The only notice of the ghosts that used to live at Lidtke Mill is a white fog surrounding the

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