Reflective Essay: The Day I Learn How To Ski

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Before I met Arlene (ex-wife) I lived twenty-seven blissful years neither needing, nor wanting, to ski. Unfortunately for me, after meeting Arlene and her family, things went downhill quickly (that can be taken in so many ways). Arlene and her family were all skiers — they even skied in Austria. After dating for three months, Arlene wanted to bring me on a ski trip with her family. Being a foolish young man in love, I happily agreed to get the proper equipment, and learn how to ski.
My friend Phil (Blues name Blind Dog) was already a skier, so I thought I’d borrow some of his equipment, to save money in case this whole ski adventure (and Arlene) did not work out. I knew nothing of skiing, so when he handed me his snow bibs, I squeezed into
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Although, it was a confidence I did not deserve. Awkwardly, I slid toward the top of the trail. My plan was to serpentine the mountain until I reached the bottom.
The mountain, however, had other plans.
As I started toward my left, my skies turned and pointed down the mountain, like nails drawn to a magnet. In less time than it took me to scream, “Oh shit!” I was off. Faintly, in the distance behind me, I heard Arlene yell, “SNOWPLOW! “ At this point, I needed a real plow to be parked in front of me because I had no idea how to stop. My speed increased, I divided the skiers in front of me. Some shouted encouragement as I flew past them; others cursed me as I tried not to die.

As I neared the bottom of the trail, I had no choice. Every muscle tensed, I just fell over. I skidded and rolled and eventually came to a stop. I jumped up, hands raised in victory toward the sun — yeah, I meant to do that, I hoped they’d think, but people had stopped watching.
After a few more runs, I did start to feel comfortable in my new skin. On the second day, I went up with Arlene and her family to the restaurant at the very top of the mountain. There was a green (novice) and a blue (intermediate) trail I could take back down after we had something to

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