Personal Narrative: Beach Dress

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“Mom I’m going to the party with Blake, don’t wait up,” I said as I walked out the door. I have to buy a new dress, he can’t see me wearing one of my old dresses again. I drive to the mall hoping there will be a pretty dress there. Okay, what kind of dress should I wear to the beach party? And I need to pick out a cute swimsuit. Nobody will be able to compare to my beauty! I walk into a nearby store and start looking at the dresses. I pick up this light blue maxi dress with white stripes. “This is the one, this is beautiful. I’ll try this one on.” Yep, this is definitely the one.
“Hello, I’d like to buy this,” I say to the cashier.
“Okay, that will be $50,” he says.
I give him my mom’s credit card because I’m still broke from my last shopping
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Just something quick to eat so we’re not starving on the way there. After we get the food we start heading to the party so we can make it in time. “We should be there in 15 minutes so we have 5 minutes to get ready before the party starts!” I say eagerly. “Kk” Eva says as she finishes her sandwich.
I turn up the music so we can jam on the way there like always. We always have the best playlist ready before we go on car rides. “We’re here!!” I say in excitement. “Yasss!” Eva says in excitement as she gets out the car.
We grab our stuff and hurry down to the beach, there’s just enough time to change into our bathing
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“Oooo, don’t stay too long, I might interrupt something important lol,” she says jokingly. “Shut up!”
We both start laughing, I know she’s just messing with me. I find Blake, he just finished setting up the DJ station for some awesome music. “Hey babe, whatcha up to?” I say as I approach the stage. “Hey, you made it! “ He exclaims. “I’m just making sure everything is set up for the DJ when he arrives. He’s in the hotel next door getting the playlist and the rest of his equipment ready.” He turns to look at me. “Wow. You look...amazing!” He says in awe. “I knew you’d like it! I also picked out the prettiest 2-piece swimsuit that you’ll get to see once the party starts.” I say with a flirty tone. “Well, I guess I’ll wait for you, I got a surprise for you as well.” He says with an enigmatic tone. “See you in a bit.”
We kiss before I leave for the fitting room. I quickly get changed and meet up with Eva to tell her about what happened. “He said he has a surprise for me! I bet it’s the best thing ever!” I say with excitement. “You have to show me what he gets you, now you go find him. I’ll be by the

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