Personal Narrative Essay: The Stolen Horse

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The Stolen Horse

It was a nice sunny day in July. Isabella was practising riding her horse, Festia. Festia was an adorable, clever, charming, and lovely horse.
Isabella wanted to win the Festoon Horse Race. Only ten people could join and, finally, one person would win.
“Let’s have a break, Festia,” Isabella said.
Hap, hap, said Festia.
Isabella was a talented horse rider, and she wanted to win the race very much.
“Let’s go, Festia! The race is next week, so we have to practise!” shouted Isabella.
Mac, mac, said Festia, as if it were tired.
“You must be tired,” said Isabella. “It’s okay. Let’s have another break.”
Six days passed, and the race was the next day. Isabella would race Abigail. The weird part was, something strange happened to everyone competing. . . .
“Tomorrow will be
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“Oh, my wonderful father, you are going to help me win, right? I know that you stole Isabella’s Festia. Thank you, I will never forget this. But, tell me, why did you actually do that for me?” asked Abigail.
“Oh, now, you know my feeling. The reason I did this is to make us great because people think the best horse riding is the best thing,” said Mr. Prank.
“Part two,” whispered Abigail.
“Yeah, that’s true, but, sorry, Dad. That doesn’t work. Only the people who win by their own power truly win. Because of you, I look like a fool.”
Meanwhile, Isabella was rescuing Festia. “Wait a minute, Festia. I will get you,” said Isabella. And, finally, her words came true. She rescued Festia.
“Part three,” said Isabella. She called the police and told them what happened.
When the police arrested him, the judge shouted to Abigail, “Why are you doing this to me?”
Abigail said angrily, “Because I know you stole every racer’s horse who was going to race me.”
Isabella said cheerfully, “Are you okay, Festia?”
And she said, Lap, lap.
After that, Abigail and Isabella became the world’s best rivals of the Festoon Horse

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