Exemplification Essay: The Job That Changed My Life

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The entirety of my life up until this point I’ve always worked a job in one way or another. Beginning as a five year old boy in Arizona, it fell on my shoulders to help my father and his business partner with any dreams they chased at having their own construction business. As time progressed I slowly began to realize that the everyday slave of working a life you have no passion for wasn’t for me. I wasn’t interested in working hard for little compensation, I knew that school would be my train out of Dodge and bring me a life I would enjoy. The issue I ran into however was growing up poor. When you’re poor all anyone does is work, leaving you just enough to get by and nothing else. I had to get a full time job out of high school to help out with bills and try to do school at the same time. Luckily I had help with financial aid, however I knew that I had to get out of my full time job in order for me to ever finish school.
Being poor is similar to being dropped down a hole with a noose around your neck that never quite kills you. Only making you wish it would. The hole is limitless, the perpetual lifestyle sinks you deeper everyday until
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The shop reeked of burnt rubber, aged diesel gas, and a hint of dead skunk. To say this was an awful place to work would be an understatement. However my family needed my help and my job paid me well enough to where I still had money left over for myself and school when all was said and done. I made the best of it by making some friends and just trying to enjoy the small perks the job came with such as vacation and sick time. I continued my journey there for two years from the day I was hired for about two years and was able to complete only three courses. Deep down I knew this job wasn’t for me. I knew there was more to life than the warehouse, it was time to move on to making school a priority

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