Deadly Road Narrative

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There was the sound of the ambulance, the flashing lights, and crying faces telling me that everything will be okay. All of my surroundings started to fade into the dark hole. I slowly awaken from the darkness, hearing the sound of voices being mumbled, sirens, and bright light being shined in my eyes. The scenery started to become sense to me, as I ask, “Where am I?” No one answered. I asked again, one of the paramedics answered, “Your mom and dad is in bad shape, but right now we need to focus on you.” Those words lingers through my mind when I drive down that country road, which was a deadly road that brought destruction in my life. It was late September, my parents and I was taking my mom to her work because she was on call, and everything turned ugly all at once.
This event all started on a chilly late September evening, my parents, and I was on the way to dinner with my aunt and my uncle, in Springfield. I was in the backseat in my car seat just looking at the scenery go by in the window. My parents was in the front talking among themselves. We get roughly 15 minutes down the road, my mother’s pager goes off, and they need her at work. My mother at the time was a head nurse at Abraham
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The stories that was told to me later on in my life, the ambulance apparently overheated and broke down. They brought another ambulance and decided to take me to Peoria since my dad would also be at that hospital. They were going to take me to Lincoln to the hospital, where my mom worked at. My aunt and my uncle was called and told to meet me there in Lincoln. My Aunt Tammie does not take emergencies that well at all. She freaks out in the Emergency room when they tell her that I’m not there in Lincoln. In fact, she starts screaming and yelling at the receptionist and they decide to put her in the psych room. But she was let out as soon as they called around and found where I was headed to. I finally arrive in

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