Personal Narrative Essay: The Love Of My Life

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Growing up, I've always said I would never be like the person that I turned out to be. I used to make straight A’s and would never cause any trouble, but as times grew older, it became a different story. I found my self hanging with the wrong group of people and I started doing those exact things I would dwell as a young kid going through middle school, seeing all the bad kids being trouble makers and doing very bad things. Even though I grew up with great parents who always just wanted me to be a better kid than they were, I still found that just one bad friend who lead to another, then to another, and ect. One day when I was about thirteen years old, I came home from school and both of my parents were sitting on the couch and they asked me if they could talk to me about something very important. Of course I said yes, well I had never in my life could have expected what was to come out of my dad's mouth. He said, “Mike, the love of my life, your beloved mother, is dying” and all I can remember is just grabbing the couch pillow and putting it to my head just crying and asking “God, where are you ? Why aren't you …show more content…
Instead, I never listened and I kept hanging around the wrong group of people. The worst part about it was that a lot of people around me would make fun of me and that's when I started getting really depressed. I could never fit in and I barely had any friends that went to the school. It was slowly getting worse for not only me, but also for my parents and the role models around me who thought so much of me and could see the potential that I had. When I turned eighteen, The worst had came and the thing that my parents had feared the most happened. It was more of a slap back to reality for me. After the worst had happened, I decided to change my life and pursue God once again. I started going to NextGen which is a church for students that is related to the school I go

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