Personal Narrative: The Loss Of My Great Grandmother

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Deciding on a topic for this paper was a true challenge. From one side, there is nothing particularly exciting had been or is going on in my life to be discussed, and from another side, it is scary to bring up the bad memories, problems or bitter incidents; it is like accidentally scratching an old scar by mistake, you do not know whether you will not feel anything, or if you will make it bleed again. However, I decided to be brave and talk about the biggest loss I have encountered so far: the loss of my great grandmother.
Memory is a fascinating and marvelous thing that we surely take for granted as it is an unconscious task performed by our brain. It is insanely powerful and enables us from remembering all sorts of matters without any single
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Several developmental assets I received as a child were provided by her. She used to be my support: whenever my mother was angry at me and starts shouting or hitting me, she used to come to the rescue and stop her, even if I was mistaken. She was the caring chest where I use to hide from the world. Whenever a similar situation occurred and she was not around, I keep crying by myself and repeating inside my head: at least I have my great grandmother in this world otherwise I would had ran away. It is both funny and disturbing to know that a five years old would think this way. It was my way of survival as “attachment bonds are a powerful survival impulse that keeps infants close to their caregivers” …show more content…
It was the first time I encounter a death of a close relative. It is until we see it before our eyes that we realize how it is all going to eventually end, and it is like we never existed. Thankfully, this conclusion did not drown me into a depression but into persistence and dedication to live life to the fullest. I look up to be like her: a powerful but yet an extremely caring person who made radical impacts on her entourage through life and death. If there is any solid good particle within my soul today or if I ever trust someone it is because of her as “infants blessed with sensitive, loving caregivers form a lifelong attitude of trust rather than fear” (Myers). I imagine her now as the fairy godmother who used to take care of me and had to travel away as I almost became an adult because there is no room for magic in adulthood. I pray that you’re in a better place my friend. May you rest in peace my

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