The Youngest Research Paper

The Life of the Youngest Would you rather be the youngest sibling, the oldest or the only child? Each option will affect you differently. I have one older sister, making me the younger sibling. Being the youngest definitely has its pros and cons, which both work together to make me the man I am today. I had my older sister’s shoes to fill; at times it got difficult because I felt rushed to achieve what she has achieved. I must admit, my parents did baby me more than my sister; in return this made me feel assured that someone will always be there for me. Due to being surrounded by older people, I now am good at communicating and vocalizing myself. Anyone with an older sibling, knows what it’s like to fill like you have shoes to fill. I have …show more content…
When there’s a new baby, the attention is all on them; I am the baby. The more I speak to my sister, the more I realize, that I got a lot of things, and treatment that she only got in her dreams. She always tells me, “We were not raised by the same parents.” Growing up, when I asked for a new pair of shoes, or a new Xbox and got it, I never thought anything of it because I was used to it. While speaking to my sister the other night, she told me about how she would beg for small things like new shoes or a new phone, and they would refuse; which is why she started working at such a young age. My parents also started making her pay rent soon after she graduated which I did not know. Because my parents are who they are, I had/have to do a lot of things for myself, like pay for my car, insurance, etc., but my mom helps both of us sometimes. I believe this made me learn to appreciate little things, and know that there is someone like my mother who will always be there when I need her.
Aside from my sister, for the most part, my cousins were also older than me. This meant that I was surrounded by older people most of the time. I believe that this made me more mature that most people my age. It also made me better at communicating, and vocalizing myself. When you are the youngest, you are often left out of conversations because you are “too little,” so either they simply can’t hear you, or they believe you couldn’t possibly have anything important to say. With that being said, I had to be very clear and chose my words careful for them to let me be part of the

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