Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Night Of My Life

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For eighteen years, my life seemed stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but it was actually very easy. My only worries were school, homework, and friends. All of these things stressed me out and made me believe that my life was difficult. If someone had told me that my life was easy and was eventually going to get hard, I would not have believed that person. I did not think that there were more stressful things than having an essay due in three days or not knowing how to solve a math problem. I also had no idea of how a life filled with responsibilities would be like. I thought that now that I was going to be done with high school, life was going to be a new and exciting journey. I had no idea that I would soon face one of my greatest fears …show more content…
I went to the kitchen to pack my lunch. As I packed my lunch, my mom turns around and hugs me. She told me to take care of myself and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded and left quickly because I could feel my eyes filling up with tears. I headed towards the car and as I was opening the door of our white Dodge van, my mom came out the door and waved goodbye. When I got to the hospital, every minute that passed made me feel more lonely. That was the longest night of my life. The following morning, I left the hospital around 10 o’clock. When I got home, there was dead silence. I sat on our red couch and cried like a baby. I did not know how to live on my own. Everything seemed so easy when my mom and dad were here. My parents had agreed to help me financially for the first month, but what was I supposed to do after that if I did not have a job. After 30 minutes, my eyes were red and swollen from crying. I knew crying was not going to do me any good, so I calm down and started looking for jobs. I applied for a few jobs and waited for a call. The wait felt forever and every time I checked the mail, there was another bill that needed to be paid. After waiting for two long weeks, I finally had gotten a job at a nursing home. After a month of being on my own, things seemed to be getting better. Although I did not make a lot of money, I was able to pay my bills on time. However; by the time I had to buy my books

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