Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey Is The Rewards.

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' ' The Journey is the reward ' '
It had been a long and tiring five days of traveling, but worth every minute of it. I had finally arrived at my final destination Tribeca New York. A hot shower was calling me. As the water jets cleaned away the five days of driving it gave me a moment to reflect back on my journey. The long anticipated road-trip. I had thought about visiting friends in Maryland for some time. They had been asking me to take the trip to see them for months now. It never seemed like the right time to go. That morning I woke up with no intention of taking a road-trip. It was an impulsive decision I made while eating my breakfast of scrambled eggs. A new tent sat in the closet untouched. The bills had been paid for another
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The tent was a ' 'Just in case ' '.
I am not sure did I actually make a complete decision at that time to take the ' 'Scenic route ' ' upstate, and travel up the long winding mountains rather than north along the straight unhindered highway. The detour to Ashville was initially out of curiosity to see why the Appalacia 's were so famous. Within an hour of my detour I was at the Folk Art visitors center getting a map of camping sites along the Blue Ridge parkway. Instead of heading back east and joining the I-85 I was heading north and upwards along the mountain road. The weather was not ideal for camping and as I climbed higher up the mountains winding roads it became wetter and foggier. There were many times I thought of turning off at an exit and leaving the mountain, but I persisted against the rain. Eventually halfway through the first day I arrived above the clouds. The rain lightened and I was able to stop and enjoy the view. The vast mountain range was set out before me. Blue hues clung to the mountain range that poked above a thick layer of cloud. I could not stop for long because the camp site I intended to stay at would close at 8pm, and I
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I took myself off the mountain and drove through the Virginian towns before rejoining the highway. Washington DC was my next point of call. I arrived in DC in the afternoon. It was easier to find a camping ground in the mountains than it was to find a vacant hotel room in the city. I did find a nice hotel. A Little over what I wanted to pay, but it was central and had on street parking. I called my friends who were surprised at the detours my journey had taken.I assured them I would arrive the next day to Maryland. I did the ' 'tourist thing ', visited all the landmarks and monuments enjoying the city. How surreal it was to be here after being in the mountains earlier that

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