Personal Narrative Essay: The Ice Cream Truck

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The Ice Cream Truck
Jimmy realized what was happening, the second he ordered his ice cream. Flashback a week before. Jimmy was still in school with good grades, and good friends. Jimmy is a thirteen year old 7th grader from Caribou middle a rural rundown school with no electricity, he has blue eyes and curly brown hair . Jimmy also lived in Caribou. He lived in a small house at the end of a cul de sac. The icecream truck was Jimmy’s only way to get candy. That day no one could have guessed what was going to happen. Jimmy heard the noise before the truck even turned into his neighborhood. When the truck arrived, Jimmy was waiting on his front steps, money in hand. The truck parked down the neighborhood a little which was weird, it always parked right in front of his house. Jimmy still ran to it because he was looking forward to the cold creamy sugary taste. “I’ll have two soft serve cones please,” said Jimmy, “ Is that it,” said a man with a scraggly voice. The voice sounded like it smoked a pack and half of cigarettes every day. Jimmy glanced at the ice cream choices on the side. They were glued to the metal with school glue. Jimmy looked down the road. Just in time to see two men with a black sac. Then darkness.
“GO GO GO,” yelled a voice, Jimmy couldn’t recall the voice but it
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The next morning Jimmy woke up and turned on the news. In big, red, letters, read “Three men Kidnap 13 year old. 2 dead, one in hospital with injuries.” That gave Jimmy flashbacks to the day before. Then he started to think about why?,why would people try to kidnap him. Jimmy focused his attention back to the TV. A reporter was giving a statement. “ The kidnappers that were trying to kidnap a thirteen year old were old co workers of the thirteen year olds dad. They were not happy with one of their investments so the kidnapped the thirteen year old in a sign of protest.” seeing this made Jimmy realize

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