Personal Narrative Essay: The First Snow Day Of The Year

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It was a serene and snowy morning, I wanted to take the day off of school in the small mountain town Leavenworth. My family and I had a tradition that on the first snow day of the year we would all take the day off and enjoy it. At this time I was 11 years old. My family being my sister, my mother and my cat. My birth parents recently got divorced the previous month, it was for the best. Life was getting better, after years of moving houses to avoid my father who followed us everywhere we went it was over, or so I thought. My mother had a good job at a mountain lodge, we had a small cabin just out of the town. It was covered in snow for a good part of the year during winter, In spring there was flowers blooming and in summer it was scorching …show more content…
This time of year in Carpenteria it almost never dropped below 60 and we lived in my grandmother's mobile home with My family, My grandmother, My uncle and his Dog. At this point the only home I had was my family. But as we stayed in Carpinteria it grew on us. I enjoyed the school and the beaches. For those 6 months life was looking up, I had a small group of friends but for some reason I always seemed to be the outsider, I always seemed to stick out like I did not belong there. It’s how I felt. After the school year finished my mother had a “talk” about our future plans. In the last 6 months my mother went to England to visit the man she had been seeing. They got engaged on that trip. Now that the school year was over we were to move to England. I of course was outraged. My whole life I have been moving we have never stayed in the same place for more than 2 years. Here I was just thinking about having to make new friends, my cat would not be able to arrive in England for a while. I felt as if we were just leaving everything behind just for the hope of a better life. I thought to myself, “Why? What is the point?”. After a lot of documentation, a few stacks of papers signed and selling almost all of our possessions even the car, We were “ready” to move to England. I did not feel like I

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