Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of The Lottery

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Once a year everyone in town gather in town square for the annual lottery. As the people begin to approach the old black damaged box on the stool located in the middle of town their hearts begin to grow heavy. Many people would think of the lottery as something that you would enjoy but that’s not the case in this situation. Imagine walking towards a black box knowing that just a tiny slip of paper could determine the life of one human being. Who knew that one small slip of paper could cause someone to lose their life? In the box there are several blank slips of paper that every individual has to choose one sheet but there is only one slip that in the box that contains a black dot and whoever gets that sheet will be stoned to death and there is no way out of it. No one was exempt in this case not even children. Being the men in charge of this event both Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves prepared the box by placing the sheets of paper in the black box the night before so that it could be ready for the lottery the next morning. The day of the lottery everyone gathered in town to prepare for this horrible day, the children gathered the stones that will be used to stone the person who picks the slip with the black dot to death. Hearts are pounding as the townspeople begin to realize that anyone could be a victim of this horrible lottery. Approaching the damaged box many people feared losing their lives knowing …show more content…
He symbolizes tradition because he likes for things to remain the way they have always been and does not see a need for them to be any different. He follows the tradition of his ancestors and expects for the generations to come to do the same to keep this chain

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